Tinker Bell Cake

When I was 5, my mother made me a barbie cake.  The one where the barbie is in the middle and the cake is the skirt.  When my niece had her birthday I decided to try my hand at this cake, substituting the barbie for tinkerbell (by request) with movable wings! Because we were short on time – I arrived the day of the party – we used fondant and a leaf cookie cutter.  The results were awesome and so much easier than frosting!!

tinker bell

Laura & Dexter’s Wedding Cake

Laura started as our au pair in fall 2010. She has since then become nothing less than family. When she and her long-time partner Dexter decided to get married, we offered to host it at our house. Laura and Dexter are not into excess or frills. Laura asked for a cake that was in black and would suit a couple who met/lived in Mexico, are fans of Heavy Metal, and love chocolate.

Día de los Muertos Wedding Cake
Día de los Muertos Wedding Cake

Monster Truck Birthday Cake

For our youngest’s 4th birthday A. wanted monster trucks. We decorated with checkered flags and black/white tablecloths. Laura and Eileen made an amazing monster truck piñata with pull strings (no need to destroy it).

The only catch was that I had “put my back out” a few days earlier and didn’t quite have time for cake awesomeness. But thanks to Pinterest I found an idea for a cake that required no fondant and next to no decorative frosting. The most important items were monster trucks (check!) and smashed cookies! The 4 year old was more than happy to smash chocolate cat cookies and graham crackers. The middle child T. made the chocolate frosting with minimal instructions (and it was awesome!) and all I had to do was shape the cake and frost!


Dinosaur Cake

My oldest J. made this for her friend’s 16th birthday because he wanted a blue dinosaur cake. Who doesn’t love blue dinosaurs?

Since the cake was for less than 10 people, J. and I used 2 8-in rounds to make the dinosaur. We also needed it to fit on a tray that she could easily carry herself. If one wanted to feed more, the body could be widened and the legs/tail could be made fatter.

This was our first dinosaur – neither J. nor I had ever tried covering something with so many shapes with fondant. I think we could have made less seams but I am proud of our first attempt.